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Knives for sale are listed under the Safari Club Knife
We now offer a 90 day layaway service on any Item over 200.00 . Just put 1/3 down and the Item will be held for you for up to 90 days . All layaway sales are final and non refundable .If you get red x's where a picture is supposed to be That just means that your server has timed out on you . Click on refresh and the pictures should appear .

The first knife shown is a knife we made for the Safari Club International This was the number 1 knife in the series . I hope you enjoy looking . Thanks Wayne

This knife was made for the Safari Club International . And was featured in the march 1992 issue of Safari Magazine .It is the first annual S.C.I. commemorative knife honoring the Grizzly Bear . Karen did the scrimshaw , and Wayne did the ivory carving , sheath , engraving , and silver work . The Knife sold for $10,000.00 at auction at the Safari Club International meeting in Orlando .

I have several knives by other makers for sale,-- as well as any of mine that are available .-- Some are antique , most are custom makers some of which are no longer with us .Click on Other knives to go see them .

Lots of fine Art Knives below . Check them out .

This next bunch of knives shown are Knives that I have made over the last few years . These have all been sold , but they are my standard patterns and you can order any thing you see here at the price indicated . Delivery will be about 2 to 3 weeks depending on The temperament of Big Momma Two Shoes my 250 pound Bammer , and how many visitors I have while making same .

1-- This is a nice damascus art knife made of L6 and 5160 steel's with 320 layers . The engraved bolsters are copper and the scales are elephant Ivory . With a beautiful nude scrimshaw, by Karen . It comes with a fitted pouch type sheath . The knife is 10" overall with a 5" blade . And the price is $850.00

2-- This Damascus camp knife features a lone buffalo on Ivory scales with engraved brass bolsters and a twist pattern blade . it measures 9" overall with a 4 and 1/2" blade the price is $850.00

3-- This fine Damascus camp knife features a snow leopard on Ivory scales with engraved brass bolsters and a twist pattern blade . it measures 9" overall with a 4 and 1/2" blade the price is $850.00

4-- another camper with buffalo 9 inches overall $850.00 with sheath

5-- This one is another camp knife , but with deep relief engraving on copper bolsters and a beautiful nude scrimed on both sides by Karen. It is 9 inches overall $1000.00 with sheath

6-- Here is another camper like the two above only in a fitted fancy wood box $1000.00

The camp knives above are made of either 1095 and L6 , or L6 and 5160 steels I usually make them in the 500 layer range . Patterns will range from a random to twist and ladder .

7-- Here is another nice camp knife with an indian chief scrimed by Karen and made and engraved by Wayne . I make this knife in two sizes 9 and 12" overall the one shown here is 9" overall and comes with a fitted pouch type sheath . It is made from L-6 and 5160 steels and has copper bolsters . The price is $850.00 for the 9" version and $1,000 for the 12" .

8-- Here is a sleek fighter that I call the Mariner . It is 12 inches overall ,and comes with a fitted sheath .The knife pictured here was made out of 440C stainless , but I no longer work in any thing but damascus . so if remade it will be in damascus .The price is $850.00

9-- Here is a little all around knife . Small enough for a camp knife , but just barely big enough for a fighter . It is 8" inches overall and comes with a sheath . $750.00

10-- This little pearl handled cutie is a 1/4 scale copy of a Rezin Bowie . It has a 3" handle and 3" blade and is made out of 1095 and L6 steels and has 320 layers . It comes with a nice sheath and the price is $350.00

11-- Because of several requests for different sizes of this knife , I am now making it in three sizes . they can now be had in 5 - 7 - or 8 inches overall length . The prices are $350.00 for the little 5" version , $450.00 for the 7" and $550.00 for the 8" . All come with a sheath

I call these my Montana skeeter skinners . They are for skinning out those huge skeeters up in Montana , that have been known to drag a full grown man off into the woods and EAT HIM ALIVE ! I really make these mostly for the buck skinners who use them as patch knives . But you could really skin out a Montana skeeter if you shoot him first .

The small skinners hhave 3 inch blades , and the big one is a 10 inch double edge dagger . These were not Damascus.if remade they would be done in damascus steel

12-- Here is a handy and good looking camp knife . It is 9 inches overall made from 1095 and L6 steels with about 320 layers . It comes in a pouch sheath and sells for $850.00

13-- This is a 10" tanto in a random pattern damascus with a carved Ivory dragon for a handle and comes with stand or sheath . The price is 1000.00

14-- Here is a simple little skinner with a sanbar stag handle . They come with a sheath have a 4 and 1/2 inch blade and sell for $250.00

5TH Special edition limited number knives . I will only make 20 of these .They are 12" overall , with a 7"blade . Engraved and scrimed on Ivory scales .
The edition is SOLD OUT .

The 6th SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION OF 20 KNIFE.About every three years or so I do a limited edition knife. THIS ADDITION IS SOLD OUT.

Below are samples of beaded knife sheaths that can be ordered with your knife . These are just a few of the patterns we can do . The beaded sheaths run $100.00 extra for something similar to these . Fancier sheaths will be quoted on an individual basis .

Here are a few jobs done in the past for other makers that I thought you might enjoy looking at.
Blondie was scrimed on Jerry Langbeins knife and was featured in Custom Knives Magazine summer of 1989 and in Knives Illustrated fall of 1992 . The other knife is a Jess horn knife which we put the Ivory scales and brass bolsters on then engraved and scrimed the nude . It was featured in Knives Illustrated fall of 1993 .
these are pocket knives by master maker E.G. Peterson which I engraved.
These are folders by Norm Levin , and a fixed blade fighter by Jack Hilton . Karen did the scrim on them .
Here is a Sasser and a Freidly fixed blades scrimed by Karen .
These are a couple of R.C.Campbell camp knives that I engraved and Karen scrimed .
The great Ray Appleton had a knife like this one stolen from him at the Crossroads gun show in Denver a few years back . And he really felt bad about it . Since we think Rays the greatest ever , we went to Steve Ross who had made the knife and bought him another one then I engraved it and Karen scrimed the eagle and we surprised Ray with it .

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